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Dispute Resolution Supporting Collaboration
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The Basics

I provide legal advice and counseling, intermediation, mediation, strategic planning, systems navigation, speaking events and training for adults who love and support children with special needs.

For Parents:

Legal Advice & Counseling

Client Education

  • Legal rights and obligations for children and adults with disabilities
  • Special education/504 process
  • Intersection of special education, 504, GT, Advanced Placement, Dyslexia, ELL
  • Schools, systems and behind-the-scenes realities
  • Practical implications for the individual situation

Guidance, Coaching, Strategies & Support

  • Preparing and advocating in meetings
  • Handling communications with school professionals
  • Navigating public education and other systems
  • Building student-centered working relationships

For IEP/504 Teams:

Facilitation & Intermediation

A different model of resolving school-based disputes

  • Assumes parties have the same motivation (student success) but may have different perspectives and constraints
  • Finds and affirms common interests and acknowledges divergent ones
  • Unifies the team around a shared problem
  • Welcomes options without judgment to find creative solutions using realistic resources
  • Promotes intentional, respectful communication so all parties can be both honest and heard
  • Nurtures trusting working relationships for confidence with future challenges

What to expect

  • Advice and coaching for each client separately, and the team as a whole
  • Identical explanation of legal rights and obligations to all parties
  • Emphasis on playing by the same rules
  • Neutral facilitation of IEP/504 team meeting
  • Renewed and lasting working relationships

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