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The Basics

I provide legal advice and counseling, intermediation, mediation, strategic planning, systems navigation, speaking events and training for adults who love and support children with special needs.

Why Mediation Instead of Due Process?

  • Prevents escalation to Due Process or court
  • Less adversarial setting reduces hostility between parties
  • Private and confidential; no public proceeding or record
  • Negotiation can encompass non-legal issues; not limited to legal decisions
  • Allows for the parties’ solutions; not the hearing officer/judge’s
  • Settlement, or non-settlement, is up to the parties; not imposed by the mediator
  • Reduced expenses and stress result in more amicable outcomes and positive long-term working relationships

What Opposing Parties Do

  • Bring their own counsel/advocates
  • Share selection of a mediator
  • Prioritize issues and make final decisions
  • Share decisions about expenses and confidentiality

What the Mediator Does

  • Brings specialized training in conflict resolution
  • Assists parties in reaching a voluntary settlement of disputes
  • Remains neutral; substantive and legal opinions come from the parties
  • Focuses both on substantive issues and laying the groundwork for the parties’ future working relationships

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