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Neutral Assistance to Reach Mutually-Agreed Next Steps
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The Basics

I provide legal advice and counseling, intermediation, mediation, strategic planning, systems navigation, speaking events and training for adults who love and support children with special needs.

Neutral Assistance to Reach Mutually-Agreed Next Steps

Why Mediation Instead of Due Process?

  • Prevents escalation to Due Process or court
  • Less adversarial setting reduces hostility between parties
  • Private and confidential; no public proceeding or record
  • Negotiation can encompass non-legal issues; not limited to legal decisions
  • Allows for the parties’ solutions; not the hearing officer/judge’s
  • Settlement, or non-settlement, is up to the parties; not imposed by the mediator
  • Reduced expenses and stress result in more amicable outcomes and positive long-term working relationships

What Opposing Parties Do

  • Bring their own counsel/advocates
  • Share selection of a mediator
  • Prioritize issues and make final decisions
  • Share decisions about expenses and confidentiality

What the Mediator Does

  • Brings specialized training in conflict resolution
  • Assists parties in reaching a voluntary settlement of disputes
  • Remains neutral; substantive and legal opinions come from the parties
  • Focuses both on substantive issues and laying the groundwork for the parties’ future working relationships

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